Ogopogo Tours - Personalized Sightseeing & Wine Tours Year-Round


To create the “Best tour ever!” with sustainability in mind. We guide unique tour experiences for small groups of guests seeking personalized service. We showcase the beauty, culture and history of the region while enabling fun and inclusivity for everyone.


Core Values

  1. Safety
  2. Customer Experience Excellence
  3. Sustainability
  4. Fun
  5. Integrity

Safety is our number one value. We take safety seriously therefore we have guidelines in place for all of our staff and guests. Our Tour Guides are extensively trained including current First Aid certification. Our vehicles all carry First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers.

Customer Experience Excellence

Allow us to do all the footwork for you. We strive to leave you with “The best tour ever!”. On your tour day, you are the most important person in our world. We aim for clear, open communication and to provide you with accurate information.

Open 2 way communication with guests before, during and after your tour.

• Before: We discuss your preferences, and do our best to accommodate them.

• During: Your guide keeps you informed of what is happening, where you are going and when (except where it is a secret, adding to the fun of the tour).

• After: Yes! We do a follow-up to ensure we capture what worked for you and what didn't.

It's our goal for you to have a positive, trouble free, memorable experience.

Our goal and dedication is to run a sustainable tourism business. Our commitment to sustainability will never affect our service or your experience. We reduce our consumption and waste by following guidelines featuring:

• Using the "Right-Size" vehicle, using a 4 passenger sedan when possible, and 14 passenger van for larger tours.

• Recently added our first hybrid gasoline / electric vehicle to our fleet. All future vehicle purchases will be either hybrid or plug-in electric.

• Showcasing sustainability initiatives taken within our community including organic farming and production.

• Receiving a Gold Award from Green Tourism Canada for sustainability and Community Service.

Learn more about out sustainability initiatives.

We want all of our guests to have fun. We have fun too!

We stand by what we say. When we make promises we keep them.


Our Carrier Safety Plan includes full compliance with standards and regulations including:

  • National Safety Code
  • Motor Vehicle Act
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Standards Program
  • Passenger Transportation Board & Act
  • Summerland & Mobile Business Licences
  • Drivers Medical Examination
  • Drivers Criminal Record Check
  • Penticton Taxi Permits
  • Kelowna Taxi Permits
  • Occupational First Aid Equivalent Level 1 (Minimum)
  • Class 4 Driver's Licence (Minimum)
  • Municipal Commercial Vehicle Licence
  • ICBC Insured to maximum levels
  • Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

We Give Back

We believe in helping others locally and in developing nations. Approx 10% of our total sales is given back to our community.


2017 Contributions

Grand Sommelier Express

Donated safe rides to and from this event, raising $625 for the Kettle Valley Steam Railway


Ogopogo-Style Service - Let your "Footman" do the work!

"A footman is a servant of upper class citizens."

We refer to the “Running Footman” who would:

• Assist passengers to enter and exit the carriage safely.

• Run alongside the carriage to ensure it was not overturned by obstacles on the path.

• Run ahead to prepare the next stop for the passenger’s arrival.

• Ensure the passengers have everything needed to fulfill their desires, at each destination.